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La Santa María – Montblanc

The residential La Santa María in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua offers spectacular apartments and villas with sea views. The individual properties range from two-room apartments with private balconies to big five-room villas with infinity pools and private terraces. The total construction area is 22000 square meters.

All the constructions in this luxury residential are cladded with our model Montblanc. This product, with stone aspect, adds a touch of authenticity and warmth to the straight-lined, elegant complex, distinguishing it from the rest of the buildings at the same time as it integrates it in its spectacular natural surroundings.

Just like the rest of our wall cladding Montblanc has a whole range of special pieces that meet any architectonical needs and is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. This particular model is available in three different colours.

Here are some pictures of the construction process and the final construction. We hope you’ll like them!

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