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  • Proyecto de Frasquet Arquitectos, fotografía de German Cabo.
  • Proyecto de RafaCub, fotografía de Adrián Mora Maroto
  • Revestimiento Timanfaya
  • Proyecto de RafaCub, fotografía de Adrián Mora Maroto
  • Proyecto de RafaCub, fotografía de Adrián Mora Maroto
  • Proyecto de RafaCub, fotografía de Adrián Mora Maroto

Rosa Rosae – Wall Covering Timanfaya

Single family detached dwelling unit.
Country house with classical roman features, light, comfortable and very Mediterranean. Project and interior.
  • Design: www.rafacub.com
  • Architect: Janna Montés Gil. Arquitecta
  • Technical architect: Santi Saurina
  • Photography and video: Adrián Mora Maroto



This single family house located in Ontinyent in the Valencia region has been conceived with the wellness of its inhabitants in mind. Projecting with the wellness of the inhabitants, caring for every movement, every daily action and making it something exceptional”. This has been the main motivation of its creators, the architect Janna Montés Gil and the interior designer Rafa Muñoz (RafaCub).

The dwelling, with 280 sqm and facing southeast is constructed on a plot of 1000 sqm. It has a spacious opening of 12 meters that connects the house with the exterior through three sliding panels that gives pleasant views both indoors and outdoors.

Both the architectonical part and the interior design were conceived as a whole and were designed jointly. This gives the house and the project a great coherence and personal style.

The dwelling has a horizontal design and one single floor divided in two blocks: on one side the living room, dining room and kitchen and on the other the bedrooms, distributed parallel to the swimming pool.



The materials that have been used both in the structural elements and in the interior design are varied. In spite of this, there is always a global coherence of the project and “adapting chromatically to the space where the elements carry out their function” is prevailing. We can see a lot of wood and reconstituted stone combined with Pladur ceilings, floors and concrete finishes. In this way, natural elements that provide warmth are combined with modern materials and “generate a vision of a solid dwelling that will last in time”.

Our wall covering Timanfaya, made of prefabricated concrete with the aspect of rocks makes the stone take the leading role in the project. In this way, the omnipresent stone combines with tones and naturalness with the wood in the pieces of furniture, doors and decorative details.



The chromatic range is basic and natural, without any gaudy colours and with the intention that the materials in themselves contribute with the colour palette that balances the whole (warm like the wood and the stone, and cold like the concrete and the white paint). The architect and the interior designer explain that “the election of materials was quite contradictory because using exposed concrete pretending to transmit Mediterranean-ness was quite a utopian idea. But nothing resists to a wooden piece and a stone. They have so many positive visual features that pairing with them has been fantastic. Not only did they bring the necessary warmth, but they also enhanced the constructive solidness with the beams on the terraces and the important surface of artificial stone, and they generated a harmonious and well-balanced whole”.


The beauty and uniqueness of this project have made it get recognition from several publications, both printed and digital, covering the sectors of architecture and interior design. The magazines Nuevo estilo, AD España, Interiores Minimalistas, Micasa, and GAN-rugs among others have dedicated and shared this project that we love.


Revista Nuevo Estilo

Revista Nuevo Estilo


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