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Ein Pool mit Aussicht.

Piscina Palacio Verniprens

Achieving the pool of your dreams is posible with the Verniprens line. This spectacular pool is crowned with our pool coping Palacio in Solaneta colour. They complet the set floor tile Maro, our blocks and wall caps. Let’s take this post as an opportunity to talk a little about each of them.

Our Floor tiles and pool coping are made of concrete. They are manufactured from high-quality aggregates., Meeting the most demanding standards. Water proof and colored in bulk, Class 3 slip resistance, ideal for pool decks and outdoor areas in general.


  1. Resistance and Durability: their materials and special manufacturing process make them highly resistant to the passage of time and adverse weather conditions.
  2. Low heat retention: Compared to other materials like porcelain, our pieces don’t scorch (light colors) or scorch significantly less (dark colors).
  3. Great grip: the dreaded slips by the pool are history with our class 3 pavements and pool coping.
  4. Minimal maintenance: their easy maintenance makes them a great choice for any project.
  5. Versatility: a wide variety of models, colors, and finishes. Complementary and special pieces available to meet any construction need.
  6. Beauty: Enjoy the aesthetics of wood or stone with the benefits of concrete. More rustic or modern pieces, but always beautiful.
  7. Great value for money: their quality and resistance make them a very cost-effective option for outdoor spaces.




This collection is availaible in 4 different colors, and, like the rest of our pavements families, it consists of :

  • Floor Tiles: in different sizes and formats.
  • Pool Coping: 5 different pieces including the new reverse curved edge.
  • Accessories: drain covers, steps, risers, skirting…

With the different coping pieces, pools of any imaginable shape can be created. The complementary pieces ensure continuity and harmony to the outdoor ensemble, satisfying any needs that may arise during construction.


Muro bloque Verniprens



As a result of our great experience as manufacturers, we have one of the widest offers of blocks and accessories. All of them stand out for their high performance and perfect finishes, which makes them an ideal option for the construction of both homes and fences. With different finishes, colors and sizes, in our catalog you will be able to find the ideal block for your project.


The wall cap is an essential complement when finishing a wall or fence. Our models stand out for their studied design aimed at greater protection of the wall: without internal armor, thus improving its resistance and eliminating possible fractures; and with a lower drip, avoiding humidity and keeping the wall clean for longer.

At Verniprens we have more than 12 different models of wall caps of different sizes, thicknesses, colors and finishes. Flat surface, single-slope, gable…consult with us to choose the option that interests you the most depending on the type of wall and the installation area.

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